The Tape Reader's Bundle

The Tape Reader's Bundle

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The Magic of Tape Reading


Many of you have puzzled for years over reports of mythical traders who are able to trade with minimal charts simply by reading the flow of executions on a Time and Sales window. When asked how they do it, these master traders usually respond by saying "Watch a T&S for the next decade - you'll figure it out". 

For many years I wanted to make a video detailing how I trade off the tape, but the technology to do this made it cost prohibitive and a video only showing a T&S looked weird. However, as technology changed and our new platform made it easier to read tape from a visual interface, we started recording a series of workshops designed to help newer traders learn to trade like a pro.

In the videos, a number of different tape reading setups are discussed and diagrammed. Next, numerous recorded trades and live video of the setups unfolding is shown. 

Some of the setups will likely feel comfortable after just a few days of watching, others will take longer to master. Our goal was to change your learning curve from a few years to a few days (on some setups) and a few weeks on others.

We teach by revealing and diagramming specific behavior patterns of the biggest traders. You know, the ones that always take your money. Our recordings can give you an edge, but also mean you don't have to sit and stare blankly at your screen for the next 10 years wondering what you're supposed to be looking for. 

Products in the package are shown above and you can click on the links to view details about each specific product. If you're not sure if tape reading is for you, please contact customer support so that we can arrange a time to discuss this before you purchase the video. I don't want to sell it to anyone unless they are sure they are going to be able to implement it.


PLEASE NOTE: This product features the use of the original Jigsaw trading tools as well as our more advanced proprietary analysis platform, and thoroughly explains and illustrates how to use them. However, if you are using the built in T&S and DOM in your trading platform, the same principles will apply. You will just have to think harder for the information.